Red-y Smart Firmware Update

Aug 7, 2017

Red-y Compact II Firmware Update 3.0.5

Vögtlin Instruments release red-y Compact II firmware update.

The Flow Control Innovation Award winning red-y Compact II series mass flow meter is the unique gas flow meter with optional valve that can operate on a single AA battery, on USB power or on 24 Vdc supply.​The Compact 2 has a touch-screen (backlight) display that you can conveniently adjust lots of variables without the need of a PC, which makes the unit perfectly suited for both portable and static applications. The unit is suitable for most gases in a range from 0.01 to 0.450 ln/min (air), available in different materials / elastomers and can be supplied with an advanced alarm module with 3 contact relays.The red-y Compact II firmware update adds value and is installed with ease by any user by downloading the automatic install software on your PC and connecting the Compact 2 with a simple Micro USB cable.

The red-y Compact II firmware update incorporates the following new features:

  • Automatic Screen Adjustment
  • Measurement Performance Setting

Automatic Screen Adjustment:

Red-y Compact 2 firmware update (auto screen adjustment)The Compact 2 has automatic position recognition and thus will turn its display depending on the orientation of the instrument (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees) or in a fixed position if preferred. You choose the location and position of the meter, it does the rest! In vertical mode it perfectly mimics a VA meter visually, but gives you all the advantages of a digital thermal mass meter such as pressure and temperature compensation, higher accuracy, better rangeability and more. Thus you can install the instrument in existing gas panels, no matter whether the gas supply is from left or right, top or bottom.

Measurement Performance Setting:

When operating the Compact 2 in normal conditions the unit automatically switches to ECO mode when powered by standard AA batteries. With this latest firmware update, it is now possible to set the measurement performance (number of samples per second) manually independent of the power source. This creates the possibility for more measurements per second, improving the speed of response and totaliser accuracy.

View the red-y Compact II digital thermal mass flow meter.