Eggs DELTA 2 Vortex Flow Meter


OVAL Eggs Delta II Flow Meter

The OVAL Eggs Delta II is a resin made, affordable Karman vortex flow monitor that is serviceable with liquids and gases. This versatile Vortex flow meter from Oval is suited for consumption control of energy fluid and end-of-line flow management via installation on various equipment. The output-dedicated flow meter model without display “Eggs DELTA Pulse” is also available.

Features of the Eggs DELTA Pulse Vortex flow meter include:

  • Dust proof and mist proof construction
  • Wet gas flow can be measured as well
  • Flow rates from 0.4 – 133 L/min for liquid and 7.2 – 850 L/min for gas
  • Accuracy: Liquids: ±2% of full scale Gas: ±3% of full scale
  • No maintenance due to no moving parts
  • Resin made flow meter
  • Inexpensive flow meter solution


Manufacturer: OVAL

Part Ref: ED2

IWN: FLO-576755

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water

Gas: Air

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Pulse output without display and a synthetic resin body makes the Eggs DELTA Pulse flow meter from Oval an inexpensive, compact option for flow measurement, which is ideal for consumption monitoring and control of water, gas or air.

Specification Detail of the Eggs DELTA Pulse Vortex Flowmeter:

Pipe Size
DN4 – DN25

Material Body
PPS plastic resin

Flow Range
Liquid: 0.4 – 133 l/m, Gas: 7.2 – 850 l/m

Liquids: ±2% of full scale Gas: ±3% of full scale

Operating Temp Range
–10 to +80°C

​Pressure Range
Up to 0.98MPa

Analog, pulse (flowrate, alarm)

Fluid Type
Liquid (cooling water, pure water), gas (air, nitrogen)

Non-explosionproof, IP53 equivalent

DC-powered or battery-powered

ATEX, TIIS, Exia II B T4, Exia II B T4 Ga/Gb

R male screw (plastic resin), Rc female screw (metal),
NPT male screw (plastic resin)


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