Metri IC-BF Flangeless Flow Meter



  • Compact easy installation
  • Field serviceable
  • High repeatable performance
  • Low pressure drop

Metri IC-BF Flangeless Flow Meter

Between flange Wafer type turbine meters have been used successfully for many years, with little or no improvements in all that time. iCenta Controls have identified key areas of weaknesses in standard designs and implemented a range of highly beneficial upgrades.

Instead of casting, which can produce rotor imbalance, weakness, and discrepancies between batches, iCenta IC-BF Turbine Meters are completely machined from a range of solid materials. This means we can control the minute (but significant) dimensional variations which can occur with cast parts, and which drive calibration.

Accuracy / uncertainty / linearity variations. We further ensure that every rotor is identical and will produce exceptional calibration repeatability.

Machined parts have better symmetry, which reduces rotor wobble, extending the bearing life and reducing early failures. By examining each rotor’s response to liquid flow, we have in most cases, extended the flow range, reduced rotational speed and pressure drop. Reduction in RPM also improves longevity and should significantly reduce calibration frequency. Upgraded material selection also enhances the meters’ corrosion resistance.



Manufacturer: Metri Measurements

Part Ref: IC-BF

IWN: FLO-201910

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

The Metri IC-GTM Turbine Flow Meter offers high accuracy and high reliability in a wide variety of gas flow measurement applications.


Specification Detail of the Metri IC-BF Turbine Flow Meter:

Pipe Size

DN25, DN50, DN80 (DN100 – pending)


Tungsten Carbide shaft and bearing

316L Stainless steel body

Rotor 413 Stainless

Options: 174PH & Duplex



Frequency Range

25 – 1500


+/- 0.25%

Operating Temp Range

Standard: -101°C – 170°C

High: -101°C – 232°C (with high-temp pickup, consult factory for details

Max Operating Pressure Range

Up to 3600psi (room temp w/ stainless steel flanges)

Up to 3705psi (room temp w/ carbon steel flanges)

Pressure Drop

Less than 250 mbar (TBC)

Output / Display

Pulse / Selection of safe Atex /Exd options


Horizontal Vertical Flow rising

Fluid Type

Chemical, Clean Water, Fuel & Oil


ATEX, intrinsically safe, Exd, Exia, CSA

Process Connection

Wafer style ASME / ANSI B16.5-1996


GF Signet 9900 1BC

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