Metri IC-LPM Paddlewheel Flow Meter



  • High pressure rating (100 bar)
  • High temperature up to 350°C
  • Choice of outputs available

Metri IC-LPM Paddlewheel Flow Meter

Each Metri IC-LPM purchase includes a 3 Point Calibration as Standard.

​The Metri IC-LPM Paddlewheel Flow Meter series has a simple yet robust stainless-steel construction that offers excellent corrosion resistance. Its versatile design can be adapted to meet the requirements of varying liquid flow applications or customised for OEM flow meter applications: IC-LPM flow meters are supplied with either threaded or flanged connections and a selection of outputs, flow instruments and displays for compact or remote installation; there is a choice of 3 temperature ratings – a standard operating temperature of up to 120°C with options for medium (up to 230°C) and high (up to 350°C) temperature ratings; threaded versions will withstand pressures up to 100 bar, although higher pressures options are also available depending on the application.

Metri LPM paddlewheel flow meters are an ideal replacement for many turbine meters: they offer a lower pressure drop and reduced risk of contamination from liquids with suspended solids, while still achieving an excellent level of repeatability.


Features of the Metri IC-LPM Paddlewheel Flow Meter include:

  • Cost effective meters for a broad range of liquids.
  • Accurate with low pressure drop.
  • Robust stainless-steel construction
  • Versatile, adaptable design with custom options
  • High pressure rating up to 100 bar.
  • High temperature option up to 350˚C
  • Selection of flow instruments and displays for compact or remote installation.
  • Choice of outputs including pulse, 4-20 mA
  • ATEX rated option.
  • Meter complies with PED category 2.

The Metri IC-LPM is compatible with the following displays:

Metri FMS – flow rate / totaliser 4-20mA & alarm output

Fluidwell F012 – field mount indicator / totaliser

Fluidwell F110 – field mount indicator / totaliser with analogue output

​Contact our team to find the most suitable display for your paddle wheel flow meter by clicking here.


Manufacturer: Metri Measurements

Part Ref: IC-LPM


Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

Metri IC-LPM Paddlewheel Flow Meter for Continuous Liquid Flow Measurement; options for OEM & Custom Flow Meter Solutions.


Specification Details of the Metri IC-LPM Paddlewheel Flow Meter:

Pipe Size

DN15 – DN50

Material Body

Stainless steel

​(other materials on request)

Flow Range

0.5 – 1200 l/min


1% (F.S)

Pressure Range

Up to 150 bar

Outputs & Comms

Coil only (mV), pulse/analogue output

Insertion / Inline


Operating Temp Range

-40 to 350ᵒC​

Fluid Type

Clean water, dirty water, chemical, fuel & oil

Connection Type

BSP, BSPT, NPT, flanged, RJT, Tri-clamp.

Applicable Liquids

Partially contaminated liquids including water, chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral oils, alcohols.



None, battery 5-24VDC 110-240VAC


General purpose, ATEX


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