Selecting Vortex Flow Meters

What Questions Should I Ask Before Buying a Vortex Flow Meter?

​There are multiple Vortex Flow Meters on the market from different providers. Selecting the right Vortex flow meter for your project is an important decision, so there are some questions to consider when looking at the different makes and models. The main questions which need to be considered before selecting a vortex flow meter are:

  • What is the minimum and maximum working flow range?
  • What is the minimum and maximum process pressure?
  • What is the minimum and maximum process temperature?
  • What is the preferred pipe size?
  • What is the degree of accuracy required (full scale or reading)?
  • What is the maximum pressure drop allowed across the vortex meter?
  • Is pressure and temperature compensation required?
  • Is the fluid compatible with stainless steel?

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Use our product comparison tables for both industrial and compact vortex flow meters to guide you in selecting the right product for your needs.

Featured Vortex Flow Meters

OVAL Eggs Delta II Flow Meter

Part Ref: ED2

IWN: FLO-576755

The OVAL Eggs Delta II is a resin made, affordable Karman vortex flow monitor that is serviceable with...

OVAL Ex Delta II DIA Flow Meter

Part Ref: VXxx

IWN: FLO-716440

The EX DELTA II DIA Vortex Flow meter  – OVAL’s proprietary diamond-shaped vortex shedding body together with the...

Insertion EX DELTA II Flow Meter

Part Ref: VXxx050-

IWN: FLO-902816

The insertion EX DELTA II vortex meter is an economic option for pipelines greater than 200mm diameter. In...

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